Strategy and Wisdom for an Exponential World

Conversations on how to lead in the emerging future featuring 12 of the world's top innovators

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Conversations on how to lead in the emerging future featuring 12 of the world's top innovators:

  • Adam Grant
  • Brad Feld
  • James Altucher
  • Jerry Colonna
  • Seth Godin
  • Alex Osterwalder
  • Rita Gunther McGrath
  • Douglas Rushkoff
  • Shane Snow
  • Douglas Atkins
  • Scott Anthony
  • Erik Qualman

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Celebrating life in FLOW - Author David Passiak

I decided to release my new book on my birthday and make it available for free for one week.


My gift to you and a celebration of the next phase of my life teaching and coaching on FLOW.


This will disappear in one week and be replaced with my new website.


The intro to Flow of Innovation offers a glimpse of what is to come.


I hope you enjoy my new book!

FLOW - a holistic framework for innovation in an exponential world of constant change and uncertainty

When the world constantly changes, teams must be fluid in how they communicate, constantly solving problems and driving innovation.


    Identify pain points and optimize for solutions


    Visionary and bold, mission and purpose driven


    Customer-centric approach to sales and growth


The importance of giving, collaboration, generating ideas and embracing uncertainty

Adam Grant

Author, Professor Wharton

Brad Feld

Investor, Author, Co-Founder, TechStars

James Altucher

Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Podcast Host

Jerry Colonna

Founder Reboot, Author


Be extraordinary and overcome obstacles with creativity, strategy and new business models

Seth Godin

Bestselling Author

Alex Osterwalder

Author, Founder Strategyzer

Rita Gunther McGrath

Author, Professor Colombia

Douglas Rushkoff

Bestselling Author


Make exponential leaps through building movements and innovative leadership

Shane Snow

Author, Co-Founder Contently

Douglas Atkin

Author, Head of Community Airbnb

Scott Anthony

Author, Partner Innosight

Erik Qualman

Author, Digital Leader

Tap into the Flow of Innovation

Flow can lead to 500% increases in productivity. Those numbers become exponential in teams. Iterate and develop products faster. Fluid communications. Dynamic culture. More revenue and impact.

Manifest - Agile

Engineers write circular loops of code. Features and products. A flow that requires undistracted deep work. Optimized for outputs. 

Ascend - Strategy

Strategy and marketing must translate product features into tangible benefits to end users. An expansive visionary flow for communications.

Impact - Scale

Scale comes when all aspects of an organization are in flow. When product, marketing, and sales flow together. Fluid culture and process.

The conversations in this book originally appeared in Disruption Revolution and Empower


Each includes a fresh introduction and updated bio, with an opening essay on how flow has the potential to transform how we innovate.


I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed these conversations!

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