I teach the effortless power of flow

I spent 25 years mastering flow within myself, across teams, and in innovation. I know that flow can transform your life because I've done the work myself.


I love to ask questions and help people flow to discover their own truths. This is how I coach and why I love to interview top innovators like Seth Godin, Brad Feld, James Altucher, Brian Solis, Rita McGrath, Alex Osterwalder, and Adam Grant.


I was an awkward kid growing up who skipped a grade and was still bored in school. I struggled to fit in and had an abusive alcoholic father. When my sister and only sibling Katie committed suicide, I started to have terrible panic and anxiety attacks. All this trauma came up, these complex emotions.


Intuitively, I knew the solution was within to go within. I read thousands of books and mastered techniques developed in ashrams and monasteries. Over the next ten years I created a system to form new memories and transform my flow. 


My BA thesis was on Comparative Mysticism, Ritual Theory, and Quantum Physics. I went on to earn a MA in Religious Studies at Arizona State University, followed by Ph.D. studies at Princeton. My four books are all based on my system of flow, and it empowered me to have a successful career. 


I became a kind of innovation and co-creation guru, teaching in the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Hyper Island, and The Assemblage. I gave countless talks and workshops around the world, traveling to 15-20 countries a year. I ran social media for Volkswagen and served as Head of Innovation for Dubizzle, the largest online marketplace in the Middle East based in Dubai.


After one of my best friends Tim committed suicide, I realized it was time to teach flow to a wider audience than just entrepreneurs and innovation experts. There is too much suffering in this world resulting from isolation, loneliness, disconnection – from bottled up flow of emotions, dreams, ideas. That led me to found Flow Coach, which will bring flow to millions of people around the world.


You can make real exponential breakthroughs with my flow life design system. I know because I’ve done the work. The flow inside of you is the same flow across teams and innovation, the flow of consciousness and purpose. I would love to help you and your team, and am always excited to speak and share how to flow.

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